Scultting of Immigration Reform

Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota is frustrated that so many of his GOP colleagues defer their views on major issues to former President Donald Trump, that Trump can single-handedly tie their hands. I just think it's unfortunate that we can't, as individual United States senators, take the time and the effort and intellectual honesty to study something on your own and make a decision," Cramer told Politico, 1/30/24. "Donald Trump has an opinion too. That's great, but ours should be our opinion." In reference to the bipartisan immigration bill in the Senate, Cramer said, “All of those voters in swing states for whom the border is the number one priority have every right to look at us and go: ‘You blew your opportunity. We were ready to give you a shot and you blew it.’’

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And, U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), a former Navy SEAL has stated, extremely disappointed in the very strange maneuvering by many on the right to torpedo, a potential border reform bill.” “We have a bill that on net significantly decreases illegal immigration and we sabotage that. That is, is inconsistent with what we told our voters we would do.” “There are some in the Senate and in the House who are desperately trying to sabotage it for other reasons. Maybe they think that securing the border would help [President] Biden politically. Which, of course it would, but I want to secure the border. That’s what I told my voters I would do,” Crenshaw said.

(In mid-February, 2024, the bipartisan reform immigration bill passed the Senate, but has been killed by Republican House Speaker Johnson—and Trump.)