Why Assault Weapons?

The U.S. population is 332 million + people.  A conservative estimate of guns in the U.S. is 400 million.  More guns than people!

 And more than 20 million are privately owned AR-style guns.

In 2022, 39,935 people died in gun related violence in the U.S. exceeding the 33,000+ that died in the Ukraine during the same time period.  More deaths occurred in the U.S. from gun violence than Putin’s army inflicted on the Ukrainian people.

Assault weapons were not designed for hunting.  Assault weapons were not designed for self-defense.  They are war weapons designed for mass killing.  Removing them from our streets will not stop gun violence, but it will reduce the number of mass killings, and thus, make schools, shops, and houses of worship safer for all of us, especially our children.


Roberta Schonemann