ACLU's Most Recent Interviews with Abortion Providers

What has it been like for abortion providers right now in the thick of our country's urgent fight for reproductive freedom? Where does this essential, on-the-ground healthcare work go from here?

While we at the ACLU are fighting every day in the state courts, legislatures, and at the ballot box, we can't recognize the steadfast work of the clinics and abortion funds enough in this moment. They're doing everything in their power to care for their patients. And we wanted you to know them.

So ride along with us as we visit abortion providers, clinics, and volunteers in our latest video "Help is Here: The Fight for Abortion Access." You'll get a glimpse into the frontlines of abortion care – at the directly impacted bordering states of Missouri and Illinois – and how these experts are helping lead the new fight forward for abortion access with strategy, resourcefulness, and fortitude.

Most importantly, these interviews are a reminder that while the courts may have turned their backs on our rights, all of us dedicated to reproductive freedom are still here.