The Party of Intrusive Government

A recent analysis of the Republican Party by Jamelle Bouie in the NYT looks at how that party has been built off the idea of “one rule for some, another rule for others” and how Republicans are pursuing a vision of intrusive government:

"With or without Trump in control, the Republican Party has a clear, well-articulated agenda. It just falls outside the usual categories. It’s not that today’s Republicans have a vision for 'big' government or 'small' government; it’s that Republicans have a vision for intrusive government, aimed at the most vulnerable people in our society."

But, you say, what about those Democrats who want to "intrude" in our lives by limiting gun ownership and use? Actually, it's the other way around! For it is Republicans who have allowed, nay, FORCED the intrusion of guns into every corner of our lives--and now every day of the year bullets are tearing into fellow citizens, maiming and killing throughout the nation. 

It wasn't this way when I was growing up here in America, "the land of the free." It wasn't happening into my middle age. No, the tragedy of a deadly gun culture America only came about in more recent decades when the Republican Party became the callous, intrusive party of the once land of the free. 

Douglas Paprocki


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