Right a Wrong

Goodwill Industries has eliminated the weekly 30% discount for veterans and the elderly replacing it with a "point" system requiring computer access for participation; needless to say, a hardship for a majority of its patrons.  Many of our veterans are jobless, homeless, and disabled.  The same is true for many elderly. With three locations in Greater Lafayette, Goodwill has long and conveniently served their needs.
In addition, Goodwill has raised its prices on many items.  For example, a shirt previously selling for $3.99 was raised to $4.99, a 25% increase at a time when inflation is under 8%.  Unlike retail stores, Goodwill obtains its merchandise free-of-charge, and, thus, supply-side issues and inflation minimally impact its operation.
Also, Goodwill, a nonprofit, qualifies and obtains federal grants to support its operation.  And it has been known to utilize Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act passed in 1938, which gives employers the right to pay disabled workers according to their abilities, with no bottom limit to the wage.  
Many of us enjoy shopping at Goodwill. Besides the economy it presents, such purchasing is consistent with living a lifestyle with minimum footprint on the environment (reusing, repurposing). But unlike the homeless and many veterans, disabled, and elderly Goodwill clientele, most of us have the means to shop elsewhere and can overcome the difficulties of computer access. 
Please sign the petition to cancel this new hurtle many will face through Goodwill by going to the following link--and encourage others to do likewise.
Thank you