Suggestions for Preventing Gun Violence Locally

Friends and Neighbors,

Did you know that research suggests the recent shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall will lead to total costs of nearly $42 million? This includes costs to survivors and families, employers, government, and the broader community. Nearly $2 million of those costs are borne directly by taxpayers. We can’t put a number on the human costs of gun violence, but if you want to understand more about the economic costs, you can explore that here.

I know that each of you already had a lot of good reasons for preventing gun violence; now you have 42 million more.

So, what can we do? Here are your gun violence prevention actions:

  1. When consumer products lead to injury or death, we expect the makers of those products to make changes. Well, except for gun manufacturers. That must change. Sign this petition to support holding the gun industry accountable for the crisis of gun violence in the U.S.

  2. Make gun violence prevention THE key issue this election. The League of Women Voters has begun to query political candidates nationwide for their position on many issues. Submit questions you would like the League to ask. Candidates will be asked to respond in writing as well as in an interview. The responses will be published on the League’s websites for Vote 411 and League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette. Watch for the League to sponsor public debates starting in late September.

  3. As I write this, election day is only 69 days away. Commit to voting and get others to join you! (As the election approaches, I commit to helping you be informed about candidates who support gun violence prevention policies.)

    1. First, check your registration or get registered! You can do both here. The registration deadline is October 11.

    2. Next, make a plan to vote. Will you vote on Election Day (November 8)? Will you vote early? Check out the early voting schedule and locations in Tippecanoe County here.

    3. Finally, talk to others about this. Make sure friends and family are registered to vote. Help them make a plan to vote. Maybe even make a date to vote together! Indiana has shockingly low voter turnout. The stakes are too high to give up your vote and your voice!

  4. And, as always, spread the word about this email list! There’s strength in numbers! The more people we reach, the bigger difference we can make! Please share this link with your local friends, families, neighbors, and so on:

Proud to be on your team,

Jennifer Dobbs-Oates