YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Amazon’s Anti-Union Campaign Backfires

Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Good things are happening! Amazon’s CEO got knocked for his anti-union media messages. Meanwhile, grassroots organizing efforts are giving people a way to regain control over energy decisions. Also, a Cold War-era treaty that fossil fuel companies have used to stifle climate action is coming undone, and New York City’s largest borough just started the nation’s most ambitious composting initiative.

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NLRB Stands Up To Amazon CEO Andy Jassy

On Wednesday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a complaint against Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, charging him with violating labor law by disparaging unions in two media interviews this year. On air, Jassy has repeatedly claimed that Amazon employees would be better off without a union, in a blatant attempt to undermine union organizers gaining momentum in the company’s warehouses.

“These plutocrats will no longer threaten workers in interviews with the media,” said Amazon Labor Union (ALU) attorney Seth Goldstein in response to the filing. “They’re being held accountable.”

The complaint is one of several filed by the NLRB against the corporate behemoth this year. In September, regulators fought back against an Amazon policy that dictates how employees can use “nonwork areas,” arguing that the rule is disproportionately used to quell ALU’s union activity. Recent federal support has been an important tool for grassroots organizers standing up against some of the most powerful corporations in the world

Oct 29, 2022 Ricardo Gomez