MatchBOX Promotes Creative Thinking for Professionals


The dynamics of the professional world continues to change and develop. With more people working from home or starting their own businesses, shared workspaces have become more common. MatchBOX is a shared modern office space that promotes creative business in downtown Lafayette at 7 South 6th Street.


Located in the renovated former Dodge dealership and garage in downtown Lafayette, MatchBOX looks to encourage a creative approach to business. It has a modern, rustic feel with stained concrete floors, exposed brick, and glass-walled conference rooms. Monthly and yearly memberships are offered.


As a member at MatchBOX, one has access to an open twenty-four hours shared workspace, meeting rooms, a coffee shop, a media room, and much more. The focus is on building an innovative and creative environment, allowing members to think differently than they would in a typical business setting.


Of the over 250 members at MatchBOX, roughly half are operating businesses headquartered from the studio. They vary from high tech startups to traditional small businesses. MatchBOX offers these businesses access to acceleration services, free office hours, events for collaboration, and membership at a reduced price. Some examples of businesses utilizing MatchBOX are Velo Wrench, MindLabs, and HustleFish.


Wednesday October 27, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, is MatchBOX Free Day during which MatchBOX Coworking Studio will be open for the community to try for free without a membership.


It first opened in 2014 with the goal to educate the community about coworking and creative approaches to business. Since then, MatchBOX has begun focusing on engaging members to take their businesses to the next level. Offered are office hours with legal, accounting, Human Resources and Information Technology professionals as well as workshops devoted to teaching different skills.


The amount of educational programs that MatchBOX offers has greatly increased since the start of the pandemic. When states started issuing stay-at-home orders, the Entrepreneur Development Acceleration program, a twelve-week Venture Development Acceleration program, went online and applications were opened to participants across the state.


Members are offered access to the MatchBOX Maker LAB that has laser cutters, 3D printers, and tools for making, prototyping, and small-scale manufacturing. Besides it’s amenities, MatchBOX really focuses on building a creative community in Lafayette to be the unique place to go for engagement and connectivity.


By Sarah Peterson