‘Venezuela’: Media’s One-Word Rebuttal to the Threat of Socialism

Socialism—whatever that means—is in vogue right now. A recent Gallup poll (8/13/18) found that a majority of millennials view socialism favorably, preferring it to capitalism. Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States, while new leftist Rep.

Robert Reich: The state of our disunion is a grotesque imbalance that undermines American democracy

Donald Trump says his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening will be about “unification”. But Trump discussing the state of the union is like pyromaniac discussing lighter fluids.

Ice in the north, fire in the south: Climate change is here, and so are the deadly extremes

Across much of the central and eastern United States, people are waking up on Wednesday to extreme cold. Extreme cold. Minneapolis is gripped in iron cold approaching 30 degrees below zero, and temperatures in Chicago are lower than they are for most of the Arctic Circle as the polar vortex, the counterclockwise low-pressure system that usually spins around the North Pole, detaches and swings across the upper Midwest.

Virginia Study Finds Increased School Bullying In Areas That Voted For Trump

After the 2016 presidential election, teachers across the country reported they were seeing increased name-calling and bullying in their classrooms. Now, research shows that those stories — at least in one state — are confirmed by student surveys. 

‘It’s infuriating’: Trump-voting parents turn on the president over lax EPA rules

Trump voters in Indiana fear the administration’s drive to weaken restrictions is hurting children with cancer.

President Donald Trump may be losing support in at least one county that he won during the 2016 presidential election — and it’s all because of his administration’s anti-environmental agenda.

audi Arabia has used its vast wealth to outsource its war in Yemen. It has hired thousands of Sudanese, many of them children, to fight.

Led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudis say they are battling to rescue Yemen from a hostile faction backed by Iran. But to do it, the Saudis have used their vast oil wealth to outsource the war, mainly by hiring what Sudanese soldiers say are tens of thousands of desperate survivors of the conflict in Darfur to fight, many of them children.

Popular Mexican Beer Switches to 100% Biodegradable 6-Pack Rings to Save Wildlife and Environment

A major beer company will be replacing traditional plastic 6-pack rings with biodegradable rings that are not harmful to wildlife and the environment. Good News Network reports Corona will be testing the new 100% plastic-free 6-pack rings in Mexico at the beginning of 2019. If successful, the company hopes to expand its product, and its use, to the U.K. 

Trump’s Supreme Betrayal

[…] Kavanaugh is, to put it bluntly, an anti-worker radical, opposed to every effort to protect working families from fraud and mistreatment.


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