Fort Wayne Votes to Strip State Employees' Collective Bargaining Rights

Despite the fact that the city of Fort Wayne is experiencing thriving economic development and progress without any major or otherwise challenging budgetary troubles, the Republican members of the city council, who also sit in the majority, have decided to launch an all-out attack to strip collective bargaining rights from all city employees except police officers and firefighters.

CNN Decides Not to Count 80% of School Shootings

In a news report published Thursday, CNN amends its prior reporting that there were 74 school shootings since the Newtown Massacre — a number calculated by gun violence prevention group Everytown for Gun Safety — and concludes that there have instead been just 15.

Was the Iranian Threat Fabricated by Israel and the U.S.?

A new book by Gareth Porter, an American historian and researcher specializing in U.S. national security, shows how the actual state of the Iranian nuclear program does not match the Iranian threat narrative.

State-Wide Indiana Moral Mondays Mobilization Planned for September

Harry Targ
The new Indiana Moral Mondays’ Working Group will kick off the formation of a statewide grassroots activist organization on September 19-20, 2014 in Indianapolis, hosting faith community meetings with Reverend William Barber from North Carolina; workshops on organizing, and a major mobilization featuring speeches by Barber and leaders from around the state. Organizers are inviting activists state-wide who are committed to building a new moral movement to improve the lives of workers, women, people of color, the young and old, gays and straights, and immigrants.

Worker's Rights The Focus for Moral Monday Demonstration at North Carolina General Assembly

Upwards of 1,500 North Carolinians assemble at legislature to speak out against bills that hurt labor, teachers, women - and against lies from Senate leader Phil Berger

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