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The university community as a microcosm of the national economy

Postsecondary Attainment: Where Indiana Stands and Needs to Go

NDIANAPOLIS -- New research outlines where Indiana stands in terms of people's educational achievement after high school, and highlights the value of credential programs for workers.

In the Name of Anti-Trumpism, Media Elevate a Lying Warmonger

Opposing the current president is a worthy goal for anyone who wants a better world. But if that opposition is based on TV ratings and ad sales, then it is just as morally bankrupt as the president himself.

John Bolton’s new book, The Room Where It Happened, has earned him enormous amounts of free publicity for antagonizing the president. In their zeal to once again expose Trump as an all-around bad man, corporate media have elevated someone who should be condemned by a civilized society.

Cuba Has Sent 2,000 Doctors and Nurses Overseas to Fight Covid-19

The Trump administration describes Cuba’s medical response teams as “slaves”—we asked the doctors for their take.

Havana—As the novel coronavirus encircled the globe, tearing through health care systems, heavily affected countries sent out pleas for doctors. One small, downtrodden island answered the call.

Cuba has sent more than 2,000 doctors and nurses to 23 countries since the crisis broke.


"We continue to send a message to the North. There is another way. There is a way that can benefit the people of the North," Mrs. Clinton said alongside Mr. Gates on Wednesday, as they stood just feet away from leering North Korean soldiers stationed across the North-South border. "But until they change direction, the United States stands firmly on behalf of the people and government of the Republic of Korea." (Jay Solomon, Wall Street Journal, July 22, 2010).

CNN’s Portrayal of North Korea as Lawless Aggressor Reverses Reality

FAIR (7/6/176/10/194/29/20) has repeatedly pointed out how coverage of North Korea epitomizes the way corporate media’s editorial standards drop as official US hostility towards a country rises—what Adam Johnson dubbed


Sidney Glick 

(Glick, a widely published journalist, has agreed to join the staff at Heartland Radical. His feature essays will appear from time to time).

(Disassociated Press, Commercial Town) The President of the Board of Trustees of Commercial University, in a press conference opened to twelve journalists, announced today the purchase of the university’s campus-wide food service by oil giant Oxxon. He also unveiled a plan by Oxxon to establish a new Department of Social Studies, known as the Carbon Emissions Department of Social Studies. 

With it’s bothsidesism and pro-Trump onesiderism, the New York Times is flailing — and failing its readers

What the hell is going on at The New York Times?

Coronavirus lockdowns heighten income inequities of school-from-home

Homeschooling students amid the coronavirus pandemic significantly amplifies economic inequities between households.

Worker Surveillance Is on the Rise, and Has Its Roots in Centuries of Racism

As technology advances, so do the ever-watching eyes of the world’s largest companies. High-tech workplace surveillance is troubling to workers who are organizing for a union and now have to work around not just management, but also seemingly omniscient machines. But as public conversation around workplace technology focuses on automation, a whole realm of technology is being developed so that companies can surveil their workers in order to manage their productivity, make hiring and promotion decisions, and even predict their health outcomes.

Police Violence in Minneapolis Affirms Why Cops Have No Place in Labor Movement

The police have no place in the labor movement. They are an anti-labor institution and share no interests with the working class. For over 200 years, they have operated at the behest of white elites to ensure that workers remain divided by race. The fact that police are unionized should not distract us from this fundamental fact.

"AMERICA NEVER WAS AMERICA TO ME": From the Black Panther Party to Black Lives Matter

O, yes,

I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath–
America will be!

(From Langston Hughes, “Let America Be America Again,” 1938)

New York Times gets justifiably smashed for publishing Sen. Tom Cotton's fascist screed

Of all the things in the world, one would hope that a newspaper in the United States, something that fundamentally lives and dies on the country’s freedom from tyranny and fascism, would support freedom of speech over, say, fascism. But The New York Timespossibly celebrating the 31st anniversary of the student uprising in Tiananmen Square, decided to run a wildly fascistic op-ed from Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

Corporate Media Setting Stage for New Cold War With China

Corporate media are laying the ideological groundwork for a new cold war with China, presenting the nation as a hostile power that needs to be kept in check.

Reflections on Aspects of the Political Economy of the COVID 19 Pandemic

There are political, economic, ideological dimensions about how the pandemic is playing out in American life. First, the crisis is being framed in diametrically opposed ways. One frame says the crisis is really former President Obama’s fault and current President Trump, coming into office in the face of errors, is now rectifying the situation. He is in the process of saving the lives of thousands of Americans as the pandemic winds down. The legacy of the Obama era, Trump argues, is magnified by the incompetence or duplicity of the Chinese.

Essential Sanitary Workers Strike for Hazard Pay and PPE in New Orleans

The severe outbreak of COVID-19 in southern Louisiana was the last straw for a group of sanitation workers who pick up trash in eastern New Orleans. Last week, they walked off the job and went on strike, demanding hazard pay and a $15 living wage.

ALEC Leading Right-Wing Campaign to Reopen the Economy Despite COVID-19

Documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) show that a powerful corporate lobby front group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), is playing a leading role in the right-wing movement to push for early reopening of the economy amidst the coronavirus pandemic that has cost the United States 61,680 lives to date.

ALEC is a corporate pay-to-play operation where legislators and corporate lobbyists vote behind closed doors to adopt model legislation on a broad range of public policy issues.

Newspapers Won’t Connect the Dots on Postal Service Threats

More than six weeks after a bill was introduced to require vote-by-mail to be available for the November 3 elections, no federal steps have been taken to ensure a fair and free election in the shadow of a pandemic that threatens people’s ability to access the polls.

Fired in a Pandemic "Because We Tried to Form a Union", Workers Say

Truck drivers and warehouse workers at Cort Furniture Rental in New Jersey had spent months trying to unionize in the hopes of securing higher wages and better benefits. By early this year, they thought they were on the cusp of success.

But when the coronavirus arrived, Cort, which is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, laid off its truck drivers and replaced them with contractors, workers said. The union-organizing plans were dashed.

“They fired us because we tried to start a union,” said Julio Perez, who worked in Cort’s warehouse in North Bergen, N.J.

How Betsy DeVos and the charter school movement are exploiting the pandemic to advance their agendas

COVID-19 has shuttered public schools across the nation, state governments are threatening to slash education budgets due to the economic collapse caused by the outbreak, and emergency aid provided by the federal government is far short of what is needed, according to a 

The GOP Has Every Reason to Want the US Postal Service to Fail

Donald Trump is once again attacking the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

During a recent press briefing, Trump claimed that the agency loses money every time it delivers a package for Amazon and that if it just raised its prices, USPS would be more profitable.

Corporate Media Cover for US Mob Threats Against Venezuela

The Trump administration unveiled on March 31 a “democratic transition” plan to remove Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro from office, in favor of a “council of state” composed of both opposition and ruling party loyalists.

The plan was, however, less an offer to negotiate than a diktat, with the US State Department (3/31/20) vowing that “sanctions will remain in effect, and increase, until the Maduro regime accepts a genuine political transition.”

This fake president must resign

It appears that whatever luck America has regularly enjoyed has now run out since our worst president holds the office when our worst pandemic in a century is afflicting us.

Thank you, Bernie. Screw You, New York Times.

It is the essence of American liberalism to trash radical dreams and then dance on them. And that’s just what the New York Times did the day after Bernie Sanders bowed out of the Democratic race for the nomination.

Bill Moyers: Republicans admit they lose when elections are fair and free

Bill’s guest in this episode is the journalist David Daley. His best-selling first book, RATF**KED-WHY YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT  showed how Republicans used gerrymandering to lock up control of many state and local government for years, possibly   decades – and remains their  strategy.  In his  most recent book – UNRIGGED –HOW AMERICANS ARE BATTLING BACK TO SAVE DEMOCRACY he travels  America to report on the grassroots activists devoted to voting rights for all citizens.

The Helenback Corona Diaries: A special pandemic edition series

Disclaimer: If you are looking for serious, heartfelt coverage of the myriad tragedies unfolding, you need to look somewhere else. Those stories are everywhere. I’m just trying to make you laugh for a minute. I’m not saying something profound or touching might not creep in here; just know that isn’t my intent. Studies have proven the mental health benefits of laughter, but I am too lazy to look up or cite them. You can look them up. You’re not doing anything either.

April 9th.

Wise Counsel from Medea Benjamin

On the Bernie issue, I thought Bernie was a absolutely fabulous candidate and the campaign was brilliant. The number of young people involved was so inspiring. Every time I went to a Bernie meeting or a canvassing gathering or a call party, the rooms were PACKED with young people and while they were majority white, there was quite a lot of diversity. Bernie has been paving the way for the future. It is a long road in this hyper capitalist country, but we have moved SO FAR AHEAD thanks to this campaign.

Trump’s 7 Pro-Contagion Reversals Increase the Coronavirus Toll

Trump ridiculed, then minimized, then delayed the federal government’s response to the coronavirus for weeks. Then finally he wrapped his boastful, confused ego around reality. But Trump is actively pushing programs that will endanger more Americans.

Here’s a brief look at Trump’s pro-contagion activities that leave Americans defenseless in the face of the virus, implemented by his crazed and cruel appointees.


The U.S. Department of Labor has rejected pressure to issue worker protections that nurses are demanding. The hospital industry wants it that way.

This article is published in partnership with Mother Jones.

Trump’s Narcoterrorism Indictment of Maduro Already Backfires

For twenty years, right wing extremists in Miami and Washington have been slandering the Venezuelan government, accusing it of drug trafficking and harboring terrorists without ever offering even a shred of evidence. They finally got their wish on Thursday, when the U.S. Department of Justice unveiled indictments against President Nicolás Maduro and 13 other current or former members of Venezuela’s government and military.


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