To Oppose the Slaughter, in Gaza, We Would do Well to Learn the History

Looking at the last third of the twentieth century, Canadian economist James Davies, in a study prepared by the World Institute for Development Economics Research, wrote “income inequality has been rising for the past 20 to 25 years and we think that is true for inequality in the distribution of wealth.” In 2000 the study showed that the top 1 percent of the world’s population accounted for 40 percent of its total net worth, with the bottom half owning 1.1 percent.

Could Ida B. Wells Have Exposed Lynching on Your Newsfeed?

If Ida B. Wells had depended on Facebook, would we ever have had a National Lynching Memorial?

Two stories collided in my head this week. One of which was the opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama—this country’s first major effort to confront the vast scope of the racial-terror lynchings that ravaged the black community under a pervasive, prevailing culture of white supremacy. It is the first because, until now, that same majority culture of white supremacy hasn’t wanted to look.




Trump Cancels NASA Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Program

More insanity from the Trump administration. Europe will now become the leader in international carbon monitoring. Phil Duffy, president of the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts, told Science, “we really shoot ourselves in the foot if we let other people develop the technology,”.

This comes less then a month after a Climate Change denier took over NASA.

The Dangers Of Know-Nothingness

I don’t know which is more maddening–the ignorance of the voters who were willing to turn the country over to a man who had no concept of domestic policy or world affairs and a clear disinclination to learn–or the hubris of an aggrieved con artist who fancies himself immensely more able than he is.

Trump is a walking manifestation of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Two journalists ask the US Government to remove them from the Kill List

First, I want to thank everyone who helped put pressure on Secretary Mattis as the deadline for his review of Guantánamo approached. I’ve spent the last two weeks with the detainees at Guantánamo and I know how grateful they are that people continue to care what happens to them. They, and we, are just asking for basic justice—charges and a fair trial or release. More to come when we finally get a response from Secretary Mattis. 

Wake Up to Trump, Distraction and War with Iran

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trump’s new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are likely to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord. This would open the way for Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Congressional allies to push for armed conflict with Iran.

Why the CDC Won't Give You One Main Reason Why Mosquito-Borne Disease Is On the Rise

According to the Centers for Disease Control monthly report, vector-borne diseases have nearly tripled since 2004

By Nicole Karlis /  Salon May 2, 2018, 2:44 AM GMT

Mosquito and tick-borne diseases are on the rise in the United States. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who has issued its monthly Vital Signs report just in time for summer 2018.

Killing of second Palestinian journalist covering Gaza protests draws international condemnation - Mondoweiss (4/26/18)

A second Palestinian journalist has died after being shot by Israeli forces while covering the Gaza protests. Ahmad abu Hussein, 24, succumbed yesterday in an Israeli hospital, 12 days after he was shot in the stomach while wearing a Press flak jacket on April 13. By one report, Abu Hussein was shot by an expanding bullet, from hundreds of meters away. He was shot a week after journalist Yaser Murtaja was also shot in the torso by an Israeli sniper. Murtaja died early on the morning of April 7.


Alfred McCoy, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power, Haymarket Books, 2017.

Rachel Bronson, Ph.D., President and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists wrote that “in 2017 we saw reckless language in the nuclear realm heat up already dangerous situations and re-learned that minimizing evidence-based assessments regarding climate and other global challenges does not lead to better public policies.”

The Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School Unveil 2017 Bipartisan Index Rankings for Members of Congress

WASHINGTON, DC — The Lugar Center, led by former U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University yesterday jointly released their new Bipartisan Index (BPI) rankings of members of Congress for 2017.

Clint Fink and the Development of Peace Studies: Research, Education, and Activism

Sometimes it is difficult to separate social movements and ideas from the individuals who participate in them. Such is the case in reference to Clint Fink, whose recent death leads to reflection on his connection to the development of Peace Studies over the last sixty years.As Clint so well documented in monumental archival research, modern movements for, and education about, peace can be traced back at least to the early nineteenth century.

Politics-driven ‘secret science’ initiative isn’t going over well with EPA staff

One EPA member with industry ties said the anti-science measures would hinder the agency's own work.


Candidate Tobi Beck - Response to Greater Lafayette Progressives' Questionnaire

On Education

What is your position on affordable and/or free post-secondary public education for all?  (first 2 years; all 4 years? College only? vocational training? Retraining after job loss? benefits?)

Ocean Current that keeps Europe Warm is Weakening

Two new studies show the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation has decreased 15 to 20 percent over the last 150 years

Great Britain and Ireland can be a little chilly, but they’re surprisingly balmy for their latitude. These regions have an ocean current to thank for that warm(ish) weather. Known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), the current works like a conveyor belt, drawing warm water up from the Gulf Stream to North America’s east coast and then shunting it toward Europe.

The View From April

Howdy!  I hope y’all have been doing well during our hiatus!  I have been very busy but I’m happy to be back and have lots of profound things to say.  Perhaps that’s building up your hopes.  I have some things to say.  You decide if any of it is profound or not.  First, I’m in this weird brain space these days because I find the news simultaneously startling and wearying.  Maybe you’re there with me.  It’s startling, because well, come on, in your wildest dreams did you ever think Twitter would be the chief communication tool of our president?

Israel Kills Palestinians and Western Liberals Shrugs. Their Humanitarianism is a Sham.

Excerpts from The Intercept by Mehdi Hasan  April 2, 2018

“IF THE CONCEPT of intervention is driven by universal human rights, why is it — from the people who identify themselves as liberal interventionists — why do we never hear a peep, a word, about intervening to protect the Palestinians?”

What Gives me Hope about this "Enough is Enough" Movement

I experienced the new youth movement following the Parkland massacre vicariously: through television, radio, and social media.

Restaurant Workers Win Ownership of their Tips

Omnibus Budget Bill Includes Protections Ensuring Tips Belong to Workers

Washington, DC—Restaurant workers and their allies scored a historic victory today, winning bipartisan support from members of Congress and the administration to include a provision in the omnibus budget bill that, if enacted, codifies protections for tipped restaurant workers against employers, supervisors, and managers taking any portion of their tips. The full text of the bill can be found here.

Murphy for Minnesota Staff Form the Country’s First Unionized Gubernatorial Campaign

ST. PAUL, MN. — The Campaign Workers Guild on Friday signed its first gubernatorial collective bargaining agreement. The contract was ratified by campaign staff for Erin Murphy, a Democratic candidate for Minnesota governor. This agreement also marks the first time a Minnesota electoral campaign has been unionized. The Campaign Workers Guild has now ratified contracts with campaigns in eight states.“The protections of a union make campaign work much more of a sustainable career.

Germany Is a Clean Energy Superpower—And Here’s the Proof

Most people know Germany for things like its popular car manufactures Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, its annual Oktoberfest—fun fact: Germany has 1,300 breweries and 5,000 different brew brands—and all those brilliant composers (Bach, Beethoven and Schumann, anyone?). But did you know the country is also a clean-energy superpower?

The Power of Civilian Weaponry - (Excerpted from HuffPost - 02/28/18)

HuffPost obtained autopsies for each of the 58 victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting. The reports, released by the Clark County, Nevada, coroner’s office earlier this month, offer a raw account of the power of civilian weaponry and the damage it inflicts on human bodies.They describe catastrophic injuries, most the result of single rounds striking from a range of nearly 500 yards ― details of carnage that we tend to shy away from in media coverage.

Campaign Workers Guild Wins Third Major Collective Bargaining Agreement

Silver Spring, MD. — Just a week after organizers with the Randy Bryce for Congress campaign became the nation’s only current electoral campaign staff union, the Campaign Workers Guild on Monday continued building power and won its third major collective bargaining agreement with Chris Wilhelm, a progressive candidate for Montgomery County Council.

A Federal Court Strikes Down a Law that Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott

A FEDERAL JUDGE on Tuesday ruled that a Kansas law designed to punish people who boycott Israel is an unconstitutional denial of free speech. The ruling is a significant victory for free speech rights because the global campaign to criminalize, or otherwise legally outlaw, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement has been spreading rapidly in numerous political and academic centers in the U.S.

Central Time Resolutions

Indiana was shifted from it’s correct Central Time Zone to Eastern in the mid-1960’s, however, we didn’t experience a sunlight-schedule change until 2006 when Eastern Daylight Saving Time was adopted.  Two resolutions in the General Assembly (HCR 2 and SCR 11) call for an examination of the effect of Eastern’s sunlight schedule on the well-being of Hoosiers.  Why is this important?

Computational Propaganda

by Shelia Kennedy - February 5, 2018

I am now officially befuddled. Out of my depth. And very worried.

Politico has published the results of an investigation that the magazine conducted into the popularity (in social-media jargon, the “viral-ness”) of the hashtag “release the memo.” It found that the committee vote

Public Outrage Over Mass Shootings Is Running On Empty

When it comes to gun violence, we’ve become numb. Blame the media, blame Trump, blame “compassion fatigue.” 

By Melissa Jeltsen - January 31, 2018

The deadliest mass shooting of the year took place just days ago, but you probably didn’t hear about it. 


Contact: Tim Rusch, ruschtk@gmail.com917-399-0236

This morning, Bloomberg news reported that the Department of Labor hid economic analysis from the public showing that their new proposed rule to make tips the property of owners would take billions of dollars out of workers’ pockets.

Saru Jayaraman, President of Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, stated:

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