The Most Impeachable President vs.The Most Hesitant Congress. What Are The Democrats Waiting For?

Amid the worst Republican President and Republican Party in modern times, the Democrats are playing the politics of low expectations. This is not the time for Democrats to be in disarray. On Capitol Hill, the prevailing view of most Democrats is that they will cling to their House majority and they shouldn’t expect to regain the Senate in the 2020 elections.

No justifying Israel’s bloodshed in Gaza

A truce was declared by Israel and Islamic Jihad early Thursday, bringing an end to 48 hours of violence across the Gaza-Israel boundary that teetered on the brink of a full-blown war.

Gaza’s health ministry stated that Israeli forces killed 34 Palestinians during the fighting, nearly half of them civilians, including eight children and three women. No Israeli fatalities were reported.

Microsoft revealed to be funding Israeli surveillance on Palestinians

The act of Palestinian activists covering their faces during anti-Israeli occupation rallies is an old practice that spans decades. The masking of the face, often by keffiyehs – traditional Palestinian scarves that grew to symbolize Palestinian resistance – is far from being a fashion statement. Instead, it is a survival technique, without it, activists are likely to be arrested in subsequent nightly raids; at times, even assassinated.

New study finds errors in rising sea level predictions: It's much, much worse than anyone imagined

Because it conjures up a tangible, visible image in the human mind, the prospect of an uncontrolled global sea rise is one of the most benumbing examples of the consequences of man-made climate change. In Al Gore’s now-iconic 2006 documentary film, An Inconvenient Truththe consequences of rising seas caused by the melting of the polar ice caps and the Greenland ice sheet were vividly depicted based on satellite imagery.

New York judge blocks Trump's 'conscience rule' to deny medical care for religious or moral reasons

U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer struck down the Trump administration's “conscience rule” that would have protected healthcare providers, as well as health plans, if they refused to participate in or perform abortions on religious or moral grounds.

‘Case closed’: Robert Reich explains why the Constitution’s framers would have found Trump impeachable

Trump has asked a foreign power to dig up dirt on a major political rival. This is an impeachable offense.

Come back in time with me. In late May 1787, when 55 delegates gathered in Philadelphia to begin debate over a new Constitution, everyone knew the first person to be president would be the man who presided over that gathering: George Washington. As Benjamin Franklin put it, “The first man put at the helm will be a good one,” but “Nobody knows what sort may come afterwards.”

Just 40 days left until Obamacare open enrollment ends

Thanks, Trump. In its ongoing efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration has once again dramatically shortened the open enrollment period to just six weeks. That means for the 38 states that use the exchange site, there are only 40 days to get it done. (For the deadlines in other states, as always Charles Gaba/brainwrap has the details.)

Donald Trump’s sanity is not the question. The real issue is how he got into office

While writing a New Yorker profile on Donald Trump in the late 1990s, Mark Singer attempted to discover something about the businessman’s private thoughts, as opposed to his outsized, public persona. When Singer asked him what he thought about when shaving in front of the mirror, Trump did not really understand the question.

A Meditation On Media

Is our current media environment to blame for America’s social dysfunction? Two critical questions:

In a large and diverse country, the ability of citizens to participate in the democratic process on the basis of informed decisions is heavily dependent upon the quality, factual accuracy, objectivity and completeness of the information available to them. Do Americans have the ability to select credible information from the incessant competition for eyeballs and clicks?

Media Failed to Connect Climate Crisis and Utility Blackouts

FAIR has documented a variety of persistent systemic failures in corporate media coverage of climate change over the years.

New Data Show Severity of Water Contamination in Poor Neighborhoods

Curious to know exactly what’s in the water that flows from your taps? Then simply plug your zip code into the latest iteration of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Tap Water Database.

'Go back to work': outcry over deaths on Amazon's warehouse floor

In September, Billy Foister, a 48-year-old Amazon warehouse worker, died after a heart attack at work. According to his brother, an Amazon human resources representative informed him at the hospital that Billy had lain on the floor for 20 minutes before receiving treatment from Amazon’s internal safety responders.

I’m a Hollywood Actor. I Support BDS. Will I Be Blacklisted?

As actors age in Hollywood, they find fewer and fewer opportunities to earn a living, even those in the most privileged category: white males like me.

So a reader’s comment I came across below a recent article about me in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles captured my full, survival-mode attention. The comment was from a veteran Hollywood producer, Howard Rosenman, whose most recent credit is Call Me by Your Name, a film that earned four Academy Award nominations and won the 2018 Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Media Alarmed by Imaginary US Pullout From Syria

President Donald Trump’s modification of the US’s Syria policy has generated a torrent of confusion, so it’s worth reviewing the record.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham announced on October 6:

Where Are The Influentials Who Find Trump Despicable?

The British political philosopher, John Stuart Mill, was a man of many pithy phrases. Possibly his most widely quoted assertion is that “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

This quote fits the Trump age perfectly. Where are you, Barack Obama? Obama is still polling higher than any other politician, active or retired. Instead of speaking out, he is making movies, maybe writing another book, and otherwise really enjoying himself.

WSJ, NYT Celebrate ‘Shale Revolution’ for Investor Class, Despite Its Leading to Our Doom

It’s not hard to figure out that corporate media represent the perspectives and interests of a small elite investor class of the US population, rather than its vast working class majority. Simply compare the size of the “Business” section in major newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times—ostensibly on opposite sides of the political spectrum—with the nonexistence of their “Labor” sections.

The View from October

“We want women to work like they don’t have a family and parent like they don’t have a job.”

I have no idea who said this, but it’s good, right?

Another Black Eye For Indiana

A reader of this blog recently sent me a research report from Ball State. In this study, the author, Michael Hicks, confirms conclusions reached by other solid researchers.

One such conclusion: sick people in Indiana are being fleeced by hospitals that are supposedly “nonprofit.”

Hicks began by admitting his preconceptions:

Shame of a Nation: The 1% Rules, the 99% Lets Them!

  1. There has never been more access to food – domestic and imported – yet hunger is an ongoing problem everywhere. In the U.S. alone, 16.5 million children go to bed hungry and 20% of community college students are experiencing “food insecurity.”

  2. Never have there been more communications technologies, yet it is harder to get through to people personally than fifty years ago.

Net-Neutrality Appeal Upheld, But States Still Can Act

INDIANAPOLIS – The Trump administration has the right to repeal Obama-era net-neutrality protections, according to a decision this week by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

The ruling means Internet service providers (ISPs) such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast will continue to have the legal right to block or slow down websites they don't like, or charge more for faster Internet service. 

Corporate Media Still Waiting for Trump to Knock Over a Bank

Things never change, do they—or do they? In 1974, of course, there was an expectation that if Richard Nixon were impeached and put on trial in the Senate, there was a chance that at least some Republicans would vote to remove him from office—which is why Nixon resigned when it looked like impeachment and a Senate trial were a certainty.

‘Maybe It’s Time We Broaden What We Mean by “Poor”’

Janine JacksonWashington Post factchecking seems to be weaponized in favor of the status quo. The paper faultedBernie Sanders’ statement that, “Three people in this country own more wealth than the bottom half of America” as “apples to oranges,” because people in the bottom half have no wealth at all.

Corporate Journalists Push Tax Attack on Medicare for All

Most people really like the idea of Medicare for All. So it will take a concerted effort to persuade them they actually don’t like it—and corporate media are more than happy to pitch in.

In Media Newspeak, a ‘Peace Plan’ for Israel/Palestine Is Anything US Proposes

Prior to the elections in Israel/Palestine in September—marred by blatant racism posturing as the “democratic process,” with millions of Palestinians living under varying degrees of Israeli rule unable to vote due to their ethnicity—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu generated headlines for repeatedly pledging to annex nearly a third of the illegally occupied

The Phony Liberalism of Bill Maher

Despite everything he does and says, media still call HBO host a 'liberal'

Confession: I fixed my kids’ Admission into Top College

Actress Felicity Huffman could be reading this from prison. Huffman got 14 days for paying some smart dude to take her daughter’s SAT.

There are others facing prison for paying backhanders to soccer coaches and hiring SAT shills to get their kids into Ivy. One Chinese family paid $6.5 million to a fixer to get their scion into Stanford.

Foolish parents, that’s not how you do it. Bribes and fraud are risky business.

Here’s how you do it. How you put in the fix legally. How I did it.

We (my twins’ mom and I) started early.

The Most Segregated City

To many, Omaha Nebraska is where you could buy insurance from the company that sponsored the Wild Kingdom TV show.  Henry Fonda and Johny Carson were from Omaha.  The liberal billionaire, “Oracle” Warren Buffet, lives in Omaha.

Yet for 50 years, Omaha also became the most segregated city in the US, or anywhere. The civic racists drew the line on a map between white and black neighborhoods with a straight edge ruler, as shown above. Black folks could literally live on the north side of Cuming Street, but not the south side (bottom of illustration).

Reuters Can’t Find US Critics to Question Amazon’s Anti-Venezuela Propaganda

A line from the trailer for  Jack Ryan, an Amazon TV drama whose second season streams on November 1, is: “A nuclear Venezuela…. You will not hear about it on the news, ’cause we’ll already be dead.”

Massive Surge in Student Voting

Turnout among college student voters more than doubled from the 2014 to 2018 midterm elections, according to a new report suggesting that a traditionally apathetic voting bloc may significantly influence next year’s presidential contest and politics at large.

US IMPERIALISM IN LATIN AMERICA CONTINUES: From Undermining Governments to Causing Migrations of People

The world again enters an economic, political, and military crisis in the Western Hemisphere. It remains important to think historically about last January’s call by the United States and 10 hemisphere countries for President Nicholas Maduro to step down as President of Venezuela, increases in the blockade of Cuba, the undermining of economy and political institutions in Puerto Rico, and the desperate migration of Central Americans fleeing repression.


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