Trump's Climate Withdrawal Is an Impeachable Offense

When President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement, he acted in concert with 22 Republican senators, who collectively receive $10,694,284 in contributions from the coal and oil industries.

These 22 senators wrote to Trump, asking him to pull out of the accord. The president and the senators put their own political and economic interests above the safety, security and indeed survival of the American people and the entire planet.

Wrap-up of the Indiana State Legislature 2017

Here's a quick rundown of some of the things the Republican super majority achieved this year:

There were bright spots. For example, after being backed into a wall on our state's crumbling infrastructure, pre-K funding was expanded, though too much was diverted to charter and voucher schools, once again denying our public schools of much needed investment. Beyond that, however, we saw social issues and special interests once again take center stage.

A Win for Workers: Fiduciary Duty Rule Requiring Clients’ Best Interest be Served is Upheld

Denny DeMay
On May 23rd Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he stated the Department of Labor would not delay the implementation of the Fiduciary Duty Rule. This rule would require financial advisers to only consider the client’s best interest when advising him on his 401 (k). This rule would be enforced by the Employee Benefits Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Last Issue of the Lafayette Independent (September 2010 – June 2017)

With a mission to provide a forum for mis-, under-, and un-reported news and events of local, state, national, and global significance, the Lafayette Independent quickly grew from 8 to 20 (sometimes 24) pages. Covered in each edition were issues from the domains of media, education, labor, state & local, politics & policy, international, social justice, and health & environment.

Democracy in Indiana Has Taken a Hit

Vic's Statehouse Notes #297 - April 29, 2017
Vic Smith, Indiana Coalition for Public Education

The 120th General Assembly reduced the powers of voters. Democracy in Indiana has taken a hit.

In the historic final vote on Tuesday April 18th, the power of voters to elect the State Superintendent of Public Instruction was ended after 166 years. The power taken away from the voters was given to the Governor.


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