Reject House Bill 1116 - Limiting Voting

Hello everyone,

We have been contacted by the venerable Legue of Women Voters to encourage our members to take action to stop HB 1116.

There are two actions you can take; contact your Representative and ask them to reject HB 1116 and call the Speaker of the House Todd Huston 317-232-9677 or 1-800-382-9841 and request this bill not have a third reading.

In Solidarity,

Greater Lafayette Indivisible.

The Indiana General Assembly
works to limit voting.
House Bill 1116
Here are three important provisions built into HB1116:
1. Narrows the reasons for requesting absentee ballots. Requires you to certify under penalty of perjury when you fill out the absentee ballot application that you are unable to vote in-person on election day or vote in-person during the entire early voting period, on top some of the thirteen excuses that already exist for requesting an absentee ballot.
Many counties have very limited early voting access. Turning off mail-in voting without greatly expanding early voting access in EVERY county will keep many voters from voting. A voter' choice to research candidates and issues, and cast your vote from the comfort of your own home is being impacted.
2. Eliminates any mailed notice to voters regarding provisional ballots, which include steps a provisional ballot voter can take to make sure their ballot gets counted.
As more and more Indiana counties move to vote centers, and the number of provisional ballots plummets across the State, keeping voters informed is paramount to making sure every vote counts.
3. Fifty-nine Indiana counties use direct-recording electronic (DRE) machines for voters to use when casting ballots. The Legislature is seeking to add voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPATs) devices to 10% of these machines by mid-year 2022. The law is already embedded in Indiana Code for all DRE machines to have VVPATs by 2029.
We support efforts to accelerate the timeline for implmenting VVPAT technology across the state.