The End of “Roe” Will Lead to More Family Separation and Child Disappearance

"The family policing system’s punitive design that’s targeted at the most politically marginalized communities is deeply rooted in a history of state violence," says author Dorothy Roberts. Catherine McQueen / Moment / Getty Images

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U.S. excludes Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua from Summit of the Americas − Will it boomerang?

credit: Peruvian Foreign Ministry/ Flickr

Holding the Summit of the Americas is at risk, warned Ronald Sanders, the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, in Washington, D.C., on May 5. Sanders stressed that if the United States insisted on excluding Cuba, this could be an immediate cause for the nations of the Caribbean to skip the event.

Purdue English’s Uncertain Future

How a dispute over pandemic-era funding for graduate education is putting the entire department’s future at risk.

Purdue University is forcing a graduate admissions moratorium on the English department for one year, and graduate cohort sizes face a significant reduction when admissions resume. The College of Liberal Arts says this is about making the English department stick to the graduate education budget, which it says the department exceeded during the pandemic.

What Prisoners Eat

It’s not at all unusual to feed prisoners animal-grade food to save money. It happens all across the country every single day.

We’ve all been reading about inflation over the past several months.  Food prices are up dramatically this year, and it’s putting the squeeze on a lot of American families.  Many people are cutting back, eating less meat, and trying to conserve.  But what happens when you’re in prison when food prices are spiking?

The LynnBerk37 Scholarship

The launching of the LynnBerk37 Scholarship, 4-year all-expenses-paid, for an incoming Purdue University undergraduate will soon be announced. Bequeathed by a longtime Lafayette resident whose circumstances did not enable her obtaining a Purdue degree, now with sufficient resources, she chooses to provide a worthy candidate the opportunity unencumbered by financial constraints.