Amy Goodman Interviews Susan Lerner, ED of Common Cause NY

On Why Donald Trump should release his tax returns
Well, what we believe the taxes would show is who actually owns a piece of Donald Trump. There's been speculation that -- based on things that his son and others have said, that he owes substantial amounts of money to Russians who are close to the Kremlin, and that therefore he is subject to influence by the people who own his credit. It would tell us what sorts of deals he has in foreign countries. It would let us know who would be able to influence the 45th president so that he would be making decisions based on what's best for the people who he owes money to or he is in business with, rather than what's best for the American people. So it would help us determine if there's foreign influence. It would help us determine if he is actually working first and foremost for the Americans, and whether he's putting the best interest of the people that he is allegedly elected to represent first and foremost.

On why White House logs should be kept public
So, the White House logs are a record of every single person who comes in and out of the White House. And the Obama administration made the determination that they were going to make those logs public to the maximum extent possible. It's impossible to have absolute clarity on it. There are some people who have security concerns. But the Obama administration, while it wasn't perfect disclosure, was better disclosure than we've seen previously. And they went so far as to put the public parts of the logs up on the White House website, so you, as an individual, could go on the White House website, you could put in the name of a CEO or a lobbyist or anybody else that you were interested in, and you could find out when and how many times that particular person visited the White House. In February, all of a sudden, that information disappeared off the White House website. This is a significant retrenchment and yet another way in which this particular administration refuses to come clean with the American people and absolutely is opaque, as opposed to transparent. What I think Saturday made very clear is that Americans care about having a transparent and accountable government. And this administration wants to be sure they don't get it.
(From Amy Goodman’s video interview of Susan Lerner on DemocracyNow!, in truthout, 4/18/17)