N.C. State Senator Jackson Agrees to Pay His Workers

After various actions, 10,000 petition signatures, and months of negotiations, the FLOC [Farm Labor Organizing Committee] members who filed legal claims in 2015 against Senator Brent Jackson and his son Rodney Jackson reached a settlement!
The class action lawsuit began in October 2015, when Rodney Jackson fired Jose Alberto, a migrant farmworker from Mexico, because he couldn't pay $2,400 for a gas pump piece that broke during a workplace accident. After the unjust firing, six of Jose’s coworkers took a stand with Jose and filed legal claims against Senator Jackson for alleged wage violations. In the settlement, Jackson Farming Company agreed to pay a little shy of $100,000 to resolve the issues. In total, the plaintiffs will receive $50,000 to divide between the seven of them for alleged claims of wage theft and retaliation for speaking out. Additionally, as part of the settlement each Jackson Farming Company employee who worked for the farm in the 2015 season is eligible to receive compensation.

“The allegations made against [N.C. State] Sen. Brent Jackson are a reminder that farmworkers remain among the most exploited and vulnerable workers in our state,” North Carolina AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer MaryBe McMillan said in a statement. “Let the settlement of those claims also serve as a reminder that working in unions gives people the strength to challenge injustice in the workplace and to show that no boss, not even a powerful state senator, is above the law."
(Farm Labor Organizing Committee-AFL-CIO, 2/22/17)

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