Paul Krugman blasts GOP’s growing ’embrace of cruelty’ and ‘contempt for their base’ in searing op-ed

....“The simple fact is that the Republicans who run Tennessee and other ‘non-expansion’ states have chosen to inflict misery on many of their constituents, rural residents in particular,” he continued before adding, “So if rural America is suffering, a large part of the explanation is gratuitous political cruelty. This cruelty has denied health insurance to millions who could have had it with a stroke of the pen. And rural hospitals are closing, rural doctors leaving, in large part because people can’t afford to pay for care.”

According to Krugman, Republican lawmakers cynically play on their constituents hatred of Washington D.C., making it looks like out of touch bureaucrats are to blame for their plight. In fact, as he illustrates, neglect of their needs can be directly attributed to Republican governors and GOP-dominated statehouses.