We Thought It Was Merely a Stone, But It Carried Away Our Wealth: The Eighteenth Newsletter (2019).

In Venezuela, the political leadership of the oligarchy beg for the men in green to set aside the Constitution, as Juan Guiadó and the Venezuelan right-wing opposition attempted a military coup in Venezuela this Tuesday. By nightfall, it was clear that the coup – one of many attempted in Venezuela – had failed. What prevented the coup – despite the difficult conditions inside Venezuelan society – was the mass mobilisation in the streets and people determined to protect the sovereignty of their country, determined to allow the Bolivarian process to stumble along against all odds. Meanwhile, in Canada a close look at the country’s government and business interests reveals something quite different than the casual liberalism of its reputation. 60% of the world’s mining companies are based in Canada, where mining companies display a depraved indifference to human life. As we show in our first briefing, launched this week, this indifference, and the atrocities perpetrated against the people who live above and near these mines, are considered to be just a natural or necessary side effect to economic growth.