Barr Is a Distraction. We Must Insist on the Moral Indictment of Trump.

Trump’s legacy won’t be defined by the technical legal conclusions of the Mueller report, and certainly not by Barr’s scandalously opaque memo to Congress last weekend. Rather, his legacy will be defined by historians for the moral, cultural and physical violence his presidency has inflicted. He will be remembered for images of toddlers in diapers being paraded, unaccompanied by parents, before immigration judges. He will be remembered for the sadistic attacks on DACA recipients, the breaking up of families with Temporary Protected Status, the illegal appropriation of billions of dollars to build a wall that Congress repeatedly refused to fund.

Trump has been running the country as he ran his real estate and hotel business: He threatens and he intimidates, he takes pleasure in hurting the poor and the vulnerable, and in humiliating those courtiers whose presence he has grown bored of. He cuts constitutional corners whenever it is convenient to do so, and he bludgeons rather than compromises, because, temperamentally, while he fashions himself a master negotiator, in actual fact it’s always been his way or the highway.

If one lesson has been learned from Trump’s methods, it is that in this damaged political environment it pays dividends to always stay on the offense. If those who loathe what he represents start softening their critique of Trump in the wake of the Mueller report “exoneration,” they will give the autocrat an opening that he will ruthlessly take advantage of.

Now is not the time to backpedal on criticisms of Trump. Now is the time to step them up, to laser-focus on the moral ugliness and cruelty of this horrific man and the enablers now charged with implementing his vision. The damage he is already doing is immense; the damage he will do if his presidency is suddenly deemed respectable will be even more horrific.

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