Ohio is being destroyed under Trump, and it's about to get a lot worse

While a lot of states are turning blue, Ohio is one of the few states getting redder---but that is only because so many people are leaving. With the exception of Columbus, the cities in Ohio are suffering from an exodus due to a sluggish economy. Cleveland, Toledo, and Youngstown have been hit especially hard, and have been subjected to the largest population drops in the state.

When Trump decided to go to Ohio and make an ass of himself, it was because he was told he has to hold Ohio if he wants any shot of re-election next year. Despite his reason for wanting to help, there are smart and stupid ways to go about it. A smart way would be to help secure strategic investments for Ohio cities in their medical and science sectors, which is exactly how Pittsburgh and Philadelphia turned around their exodus. Conversely, a stupid way would be to hold a pointless rally at a declining plant and spend most of your time bashing a dead Senator. Is it any surprise which way Trump went?


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Daily Kos - 3/21/2019