The View From April

Howdy!  I hope y’all have been doing well during our hiatus!  I have been very busy but I’m happy to be back and have lots of profound things to say.  Perhaps that’s building up your hopes.  I have some things to say.  You decide if any of it is profound or not.  First, I’m in this weird brain space these days because I find the news simultaneously startling and wearying.  Maybe you’re there with me.  It’s startling, because well, come on, in your wildest dreams did you ever think Twitter would be the chief communication tool of our president?  It’s wearying because things that used to be shocking and awful are no longer shocking, they’re just awful.  School shootings aren’t all that shocking anymore, and they’re wearying because now we must have the same arguments again and again.  We argue about whether we should ban assault rifles.  I only recently came to understand that the people that don’t want a ban are at their core, very, very afraid of our government. They think any further limit is a movement towards disarming everyone. They bring up Stalin, and Mao.  This is hard for me to understand because if I was that fearful of our leaders I would definitely leave.  Finland seems lovely.  I have friends in Sweden.  I just ordered contacts from Canada and they provide excellent customer service.  Of course, you probably can’t have assault weapons in any of those places either.  And you know what?Most of the places where you can own an assault rifle are truly awful places to live.  Go figure. At the root, the argument is saying that the fear, the need to protect yourself in a very dystopian and currently fictional future is more important than keeping actual real human kids alive today. Or more bluntly, you are okay with kids getting massacred in their schools regularly because you are afraid of something that will very likely never happen. You are okay with children dying right now because maybe something might possibly happen in the future where you would need to fight your own army? Do you support the troops or are you terrified of them?  You can’t have it both ways.   Also, you should be more worried about getting incinerated by a nuclear weapon because no gun is going to help you in that scenario, buster. But realistically, most of us are going to die of diabetes or cancer.  Your assault rifle will not protect you from heart Helenbeck