Wrap-up of the Indiana State Legislature 2017

Here's a quick rundown of some of the things the Republican super majority achieved this year:

There were bright spots. For example, after being backed into a wall on our state's crumbling infrastructure, pre-K funding was expanded, though too much was diverted to charter and voucher schools, once again denying our public schools of much needed investment. Beyond that, however, we saw social issues and special interests once again take center stage.

· Raised gas taxes on everyday Hoosiers by 10 cents per gallon
· Voted down a budget amendment that would've increased Indiana's minimum wage and another that would ensure Equal Pay for all
· Passed a law making the Superintendent of Public Instruction an appointed position, robbing millions of Hoosier voters of their vote
· Voted down a budget amendment that would've ended the phasing in of huge corporate tax breaks so that we wouldn't have to push more tax increases on Hoosier families
· Denied a vote establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission to bring fairness back to our elections and end gerrymandering
· Voted down a hate crimes bill, leaving Indiana as one of only five states without these protections
· Passed legislation threatens the safety and confidentiality of young women's access to health care