Last Issue of the Lafayette Independent (September 2010 – June 2017)

With a mission to provide a forum for mis-, under-, and un-reported news and events of local, state, national, and global significance, the Lafayette Independent quickly grew from 8 to 20 (sometimes 24) pages. Covered in each edition were issues from the domains of media, education, labor, state & local, politics & policy, international, social justice, and health & environment.

Sharing Thomas Jefferson’s belief that the best defense of democracy is an informed electorate—we fought to preserve public education by exposing the potentially devastating implication of the school vouchers program, to alert readers to the ravages wrought by climate change, to hold the media accountable by utilizing the best resources to which we had access, to promote social justice by supporting the rights of women, gays, immigrants, workers, and prisoners, and by spotlighting the economic inequities exacerbated by the decline of unions. Despite the plethora of available information, locally and nationally, our elected legislators reject climate science, seek to destroy public education, and endeavor to weaken the frail social safety net by reducing/eliminating vital programs like Medicare, Social Security, and food stamps, just to mention a few of the efforts initiated to undo the progress made in the last half of the 20th Century.

Thus, the need for an independent, progressive news source has augmented during the Lafayette Independent’s lifetime. However, diminishing interest in printed text and the diminished energy of its small staff has driven the decision to discontinue the newspaper. Therefore, attention over the next several months will focus on updating and remodeling the website,, while honoring the original mission and scope of the newspaper.

Anyone interested in committing to the goal of revitalizing the website should email their contact information to Until the website is up and ready, any devoted reader that would like to receive titles and addresses of online articles like those printed in the newspaper, send your email address and topics of interest (e.g. media and education) to

The paper could not have endured so long without the sustained generosity of many: readers, subscribers, sponsors, advertisers, donors, contributors, staff members, drop site locations, fundraiser attendees, the Unitarian Universalist Church (WL), and Dr. Fine and D’Gleet, whose music enticed large turnouts to each of our six fundraisers.
With unqualified gratitude,