Call U.S. Senator Donnelly to Push Back Against Anti-Environmental Measures

In Good News: U.S. Senator Donnelly made the right decision to oppose a bill that would have crippled a federal policy aimed at controlling methane emissions (i.e., the BLM Methane Waste Prevention Rule) -- an important part of U.S. climate strategy. Thankfully, that bill was defeated, in a major victory for environmental & public health advocates.

In Challenging News: There are an array of assaults that are continuing against federal environmental & climate protections efforts. Together, we can work to head off the latest threat: the Trump EPA budget for Fiscal Year 2018. The proposed budget would eliminate the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, (GLRI), and slash funding intended to clean up contaminated sites and intended to safeguard our drinking water systems.

There are also efforts to pass the anti-science "Regulatory Accountability Act" and to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

Please call Senator Joe Donnelly at 202-224-4814 to:
1. Thank him for...
- his decision to vote "No" to the repeal of the BLM Methane Rule and
- signing Congressional letters in support of the EPA (opposing elimination of GLRI funding, and opposing elimination of Region 5 of the EPA)

2. Urge Senator Donnelly to say "No" to:
a. The overall Trump EPA budget cuts
b. The proposed "Regulatory Accountability Act"
c. Any threats to the Endangered Species Act